Agua Del Pozo - Alex Cuba

Caracol Records

The future of Cuban music lives in British Columbia’s remote Bulkley Valley. This is no boastful Canadian over-compensation …it’s simply the truth. Have a listen to Agua Del Pozo from AlexCuba and tell me it’s not the most exciting and innovative music to represent Casa de Fidel in decades. 2006 Juno award-winning composer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist (and everything else for that matter), Alexis Puentes has followed up his heralded debut album, Humo de Tabaco with a phenomenal sophomore release. Agua Del Pozo or Water From The Well draws deeply from the pure streams of Cuba’ music tradition, and then spikes it with the contemporary and unexpected. Alexis even recorded the disc at Havana’s legendary Egrem Studios, but his nearly obsessive deference to Cuban convention is soon eclipsed by his own invention. Assisted on tracks by his twin brother, Adonis and father, Valentin, Alexis sketches out his magnificent compositions with only a thread-bare band and a few dashes of horns and strings to compliment his own multi-instrumental dexterity. His organically distorted guitar on the albums’ centre tracks like Tu Boca Lo Quita, Penita E La Cara and Y Que Bongo is eerily reminiscent of Manuel Galban. Once again, Alexis Puentes has breathed new life into the cloistered Cuban music scene from afar. Sometimes you have to get away to the forest to actually see the trees. By the way, he’s got the baddest ‘fro in all of Smithers!