Oye - Aterciopelados


There’s nothing like a good rumor to drum up publicity in the world of show business. Whether it was intentional or not, the Colombian rock duo, Aterciopelados gave their fans plenty of speculation about a possible break-up. After six years since their last studio CD, Andrea Echeverri suddenly released a self-titled solo album. Only months after that, the other half of the duo, Hector Buitrago released an album of his own called ‘Conector’. In truth, both Andrea and Hector were deeply involved in each other’s projects and the pair is still very much making music together. The title of Hector’s new disc refers to his efforts to make the connection between different cultures, ways of thinking and life through music. Late in 2006, Aterciopelados put to rest all the rumors of a split between Hector Buitrago and Andrea Echeverri by releasing their seventh album together called ‘Oye’, which the duo describes as “half electronic and half organic”. It’s closest in feel to their 1996 break-through release, La Pipa de la Paz.