The Idan Raichel Project - The Idan Raichel Project


The Idan Raichel Project – The Idan Raichel Project (Cumbancha) To the outside world, the ongoing Palestinian and Jewish conflict has left the mistaken impression that there are only two kinds of people living in Israel, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Modern Israel is a vibrant mosaic, populated by immigrants from around the globe. Producer and songwriter, Idan Raichel Ee-don Rye-hall has given voice to Israel’s cultural diversity with a stunning new album that combines ancient languages and post-modern electronics. The many different voices Idan Raichel heard in his native Israel proved to be his meal ticket in the early years when he would record singers’ demos in the basement studio of his parents’ house. It would also provide the seed for his own, self-titled music project which recently became available in North America on the new Cumbancha label. In a self-effacing manner, Idan uses the vocals as the foundation for each song and then adds elements that will best enhance the singer’s performance. There are over a dozen vocalists on his new album, with influences from Ethiopia to the Caribbean to South Africa. Idan has his own thoughts on how Israel can break out of its current cycle of violence. He reasons, “ The way forward to not by trying change your neighbor but by accepting that we’re all looking for the same things in life: bread, water, spirit, respect and love.”