Super Pop Venezuela - Los Amigos Invisibles

Gozadera Records

Los Amigos Invisibles chose an odd name for a band that was formed specifically to stand out in the crowd. In 1991, the discothèques around Caracas, Venezuela had been largely forgotten. Dance music was either salsa or merengue and if you were a guitar band, you played punk or metal. A group of six friends set out to bring the funky, disco vibe back to the clubs and created the best, if not only Venezuelan dance band going. Like a league of polyester super heroes, Los Amigos Invisibles have cleaned up Caracas, making it safe once again to ‘get down’ in the clubs to some fun and funky music. In the process of fine tuning their unique mix of disco, funk, house and Latin rhythms, they have become pop idols at home and party-makers to the world. Their fifth album called Super Pop Venezuela continues to improve on a ginchy vibe that belays the complexity and craftsmanship of their playing. You must try and see these invisible friends perform live to properly put their music in context.