Asuncion - Pacifika

Six Degrees

There’s a new Spanish word for floating; Pacifika. Who knew that Vancouver could be home to a rock en espanol band every bit as potent and progressive as Colombia’s Aterciapelados? Asuncion, the second album from Silvana Kane, Adam Popowitz and new member, Toby Peter (formerly of K-Os) breaks away from the breezy Latin-pop of their debut and soars into the mystic. Authentic and beautifully recorded percussion, strings and electronics bubble and roil beneath Silvana’s emotive and fragile delivery (she sings nine of the album’s ten songs in her native Spanish) while Adam’s guitar textures ebb and flow from gentle warm winds to menacing fuzzed-out thunderheads. Toby anchors the spacious mix with Caribbean-informed, dubwise grooves. Pacifika loosens the bonds of formal pop structure to allow these ten gorgeous tracks and the listener to escape gravity’s pull, if only until the next play.