Amar es Combatir - Mana


When your band becomes synonymous with a particular style of music, it’s hard to change your stripes. For three decades, Mana from Guadalajara has helped establish Rock en Espanol on the international stage, especially in the States where they’ve developed a huge following. Critics, on the other hand have accused Mana of sticking to a formulaic songwriting through their past eight albums. The group took four years off before heading back into the studio to record their ninth CD entitled, Amar Es Combatir or ‘Loving is to Fight’. The new disc sees Mana experimenting with a variety of different tempos, rhythms and collaborations. Plus, the flawless playing and pristine production values are earmarks of a band that has had thirty years together to polish their craft. On Bendita Tu Luz, singer, Fher Olvera teams up with another elder statesman of Latin pop, Dominican songwriter, Juan Luis Guerra, for a standout bachata ballad. Mana took their name from a Polynesian word for ‘supernatural power’. Ironically, one of the band’s crowning achievements was their guest appearance on Carlos Santana’s multi-million selling album, Supernatural.