Dive Deep - Morcheeba


The world’s oceans have long held a fascination for Paul and Ross Godfrey, the brothers at the heart of Morcheeba. On their latest album, Dive Deep, they immerse themselves in the mysteries of the sea and sail uncharted musical waters for the band. Replacing the satiny voice of Skye Edwards is a rotating cast of female and male vocalists who float through Morcheeba’s signature vibe of global chill and trip hop. With Dive Deep, Morcheeba’s Paul and Ross Godfrey hope to make a statement about the delicate eco-system of the world’s oceans. Their sixth album also demonstrates a fresh approach to the whole notion of what makes a band. The brothers consider their job to be that of ‘directors’ while the vocals are shared by a cast of ‘actors’, each suited to play a different role. Among the voices are acclaimed singer, Judie Tzuke, Norwegian newcomer, Thomas Dybdahl and Manda … a French singer who auditioned to the Godfrey’s on MySpace! Paul Godfrey says that Morcheeba’s new approach has opened up new possibilities for the band. As he puts it, “We are free again to dive deep within and bring the music out naturally.”