Brasileirinho – A film by Mika Kaurismaki - The Sound Of Rio: Brasileirinho


A new breed of Brazilian musicians is putting a fresh face on choro. It’s a popular music style that sprung up in the heart of Rio during the nineteenth century. Finnish director, Mika Kaurismaki has documented how this original Brazilian urban music continues to develop today, expressing the country’s diverse cultural identity. In Portuguese, choro literally means ‘to weep’. But this original urban groove of Rio de Janeiro is more of a joyful expression of Brazilian vitality. The ‘cry’ of choro refers to the wail of the music’s solo instrument, like the flute or clarinet. Brasileirinho looks at the history of choro with an eye to the new generation of artists who are reinterpreting this classic music, which has similar roots to Argentine tango. It's an interesting composition which showcases the music being created by many different ensembles of players and dancers in many modern settings …both indoors and outside in the postcard settings of Rio. Bonus material includes a behind the camera look at the production.