The Story So Far - Black 47

Gadfly Records

The story of Ireland has been told through countless songs, passed lovingly from generation to generation. But, nobody had really tried to capture the Irish immigrant experience in music … until Black 47 came along. Affectionately known as New York’s House Band, their crazy mix of pipes, punk and free- form jazz is motivated by the clever songwriting of Larry Kirwan, the founding member of Black 47. Larry is also a playwright and author whose songs recount his personal experiences as a struggling musician coming to America. A new DVD documents ‘The Story So Far’, all the way back to their humble beginnings in Paddy Reilly’s Pub, New York’s underground home to Irish music, The DVD is packed with gritty footage and the odd polished gem, like a perfect slice of vintage 1992 MTV. Funky Ceili tells a timeless story that echos with every immigrant experience to the new world.