Indian Groove - Dil Vog

Indian Groove Records

Fans of the bhangra beat will be happy to know that Dal Hothi is back on the dhol. The two headed drum, which has evolved from Punjabi folk instrument into the driving rhythm behind some of the world’s most exciting house music, is back in the hands of one of Vancouver’s most adventurous South Asian artists. With his new album, Indian Groove, Dal picks up where his previous band, Dal Dil Vog left off, exploring more avenues of expression for the dhol; from pop to rock to club vibes. Many of today’s Indian artists are introducing western elements to their folkloric music in order to popularize it with next generation South Asians. Dal Hothi AKA Dilvog is taking things one step further. He’s using the infectious rhythm of the dhol to add spice to western pop, rock and club sounds, inviting everyone around the world to get into the Indian Groove. As he says at his website, “Music has the ability to bring cultures, races and religions together.”