Siempre hay Salida - Pistolera


Sandra Velasquez may have found the perfect name to capture a sense of her Mexican roots and the female predominance in her band. She says she chose to call the group ‘Pistolera’, Spanish for ‘Trigger Woman’ “because she wanted something strong and feminine.” Velasquez is one of three women in this New York-based quartet who attack traditional ranchera grooves with a rock attitude. The first single from Pistolera’s debut album, ‘There Is Always A Way Out’ takes aim at an issue that close to her heart, having grown up in San Diego as the daughter of a renowned immigration attorney. ‘Cazador’ or ‘Hunter’ protests the Minuteman Project, which sends civilians out to patrol the US/Mexican border with binoculars and cell phones, hunting down undocumented workers.Much of the video for that trackk was cut with footage from one of the immigration marches in New York last year. Pistolera, by the way, was also a DC Comics supervillian; a beautiful but deadly sharp shooter who was out to gun down Batman and his friends