Closer To The Flame - Joel Kroeker

True North

Joel Kroeker is a Canadian songwriter who has drawn a great deal of inspiration from the world around him. After earning a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology, Joel began traveling extensively. He says he wrote his new album, ‘Closer To The Flame’, “on a hundred thousand mile journey that began fifteen years ago.” The new songs reflect on the outer turmoil he saw while visiting the Middle East and his own search for inner peace. Joel's journeyed around much of the globe, seeking out fresh inspiration and absorbing musical influence along the way. Closer To The Flame is his second album and it alludes to that elusive inner peace that people have been searching for throughout history. The first single projects Canada's unique duality of Anglo and Francophone cultures. It's a bilingual duet with Quebecois pop singer Dany Bedar. His next single took him to Japan for a run through the streets of Tokyo. The video for Against Myself was shot over nine days in Tokyo and its surroundings. Closer To The Flame brings Joel Kroeker one step closer to the acclaim he deserves for bringing depth to popular music