Crackle - Eugene Ripper

RIP 101

A country’s folk traditions ultimately become its contribution to world music. World beat begins when those traditions meet modern sensibilities. Even Canadian folk music hasn’t been immune to the effects of creative innovation. Since 1985, Eugene Ripper has been building a reputation as an ‘anti-folk’ hero, challenging the conventions of acoustic, roots music with a punk attitude. After moving around the country, developing a new music scene dubbed ‘The Fast Folk Underground’, he returned to Vancouver for one of his legendary live solo performances and to debut of a new four song EP. One of his few previous albums, Faster Than You Think features a tortoise on the cover. It's a clever reference that may just shed some light on his own strategy for success … slow but steady wins the race. Eugene Ripper is passionate about acoustic roots music but he’s also not afraid to spike it up a bit with some punk attitude and rock energy. Through his Fast Folk Underground events, he’s also been inspiring other singer/songwriters to break through folk’s timid exterior. And, by tinkering with those folk music traditions, he just might be pioneering a new kind of Canadian contribution to World Beat. Crackle is a small set but it's killer without the filler.