All Good Things - Pacha Massive


The global music press is buzzing about Pacha Massive, a duo from the Bronx who know the value of one golden opportunity. They made their live debut in 2003, opening for Colombia’s Aterciopelados at Madison Square Gardens. Their first album has been highly anticipated ever since. The partnership joins the talents of Colombian bassist, Maya Martinez and Dominican, DJ Nova. On their new album, ‘All Good Things’, the rhythms of their heritage like cumbia and ballenato, palo and bachata underscore a pulse of stylish urban beats. As Maya Martinez proudly exclaims, “I am Colombian, and when you hear the CD you can tell because this fact is in every song." Mixed by Alejandro Rosso of the platinum-selling Mexican Band, Plastilina Mosh, it's a feast of dub tricks and chill beats. DJ Nova is a completely self-taught musician and programmer. He cites Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin and Bruce Lee as being major influences on his work methods.