Undula - Uzume Taiko

Zoo May Records

Few instruments can match the sheer power of Japan’s mighty taiko drums. But, a Vancouver ensemble has tamed these monsters through their revolutionary arrangements. ‘Undula’, the new album by Uzume Taiko blends the pulse of the taiko with a world of sounds; from the highland bagpipes to didgeridoo! And, on stage, Uzume combines drumming with performance art, thrilling audiences with their aggressive choreography. Taiko literally means ‘big drum’ and at any taiko performance it’s the big drums that steal the show. The bigger, the better! Since 1988, Uzume has been tempering the taiko’s mighty thunder with the melody of other instruments. They’ve also incorporated elements of movement and theatre into their very physical performances. The big drums may still be the centre of attention but with the Uzume Taiko Ensemble, they’re just part of an even bigger spectacle. Guitarist Dave Corman, flutist, Alcvin Ramos and piper Michael O