A Mad And Faithful Telling - DeVotchKa


A fresh sound demands a fresh approach to music making. Nick Urata, one of the multi-talented members of DeVotchKa explains that when he was growing up in New York, “Everyone was doing the two guitars, bass and drums thing.” So, he began writing for more exotic instruments like accordion, bouzouki and theremin. Eventually he found three others to share his vision of accessible music with an exotic edge. And, it doesn’t get more exotic than the mix of Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi, American Folk and Punk that permeates the tracks of DeVotchKa’s acclaimed new release. Strip away the exotic, layers of DeVotchKa’s arrangements and you will inevitably find something pure and simple … a pretty, little pop song. It’s a recipe that’s echoed in the film Little Miss Sunshine, which may have been what made DeVotchKa a perfect fit for it’s score … a contribution that earned them a Grammy nomination. 'A Mad And Faithful Telling' continues the dance between old world sounds and new world pop but with a hint of dark intrigue in the title borrowed from Edgar Allen Poe.

Key Tracks: Basso Profundo, Comrade Z