Foley Room - Amon Tobin

Ninja Tune

Since the mid-90’s, a Brazilian ex-pat living in the UK has been pioneering the sampler as a musical instrument. Amon Tobin has created a virtual world where obscure musical elements come together over beats of bossa, batucada and jungle. Now, he’s taken on the challenge of creating an album completely from ‘found sounds’ … the rhythms of machinery and the noises of nature. Amon Tobin's new album isn’t so much about world music as it is about making music from the sounds of the world. On the companion DVD, the camera follows Amon as he records the random noises of machines, nature and animals … out in the field, as well as in a special chamber used by the film and recording industry, designed specifically for the purpose, called a ‘Foley Room’. Watch as sound becomes music through imagination and check out Amon's Urban Groove showcase in surround sound at the Commodore Ballroom during Vancouver's Jazz Festival.