10,000 Shots - Real McKenzies

Fat Wreck Chords

The Real McKenzies are a ferocious Vancouver band who ‘play pedal-to-the –metal’ Scotch Rock. Their only soft spot is for the sound of the highland pipes and the poetry of Robbie Burns. Often found on tour in Europe (especially Austria and the Czech Republic). The McKenzies tear up the stage with sweat and beer-soaked fury. Fearless leader, Paul McKenzie claims the idea came to him in an epiphany one day when he heard the music of Scottish folk sing, Andy Stewart coming from one room and the Sex Pistols coming from another. Whether it’s truth or legend, The Real McKenzies are the real deal; a high octane, highland punk band from Vancouver who have been ripping it up for more than fourteen years now. But, as Paul is also fond of saying, “You don’t make a top shelf bottle of Scotch overnight. 10,000 Shots is their best yet. Have a listen to Smokin' Bowl, a Robbie Burns ode to oatmeal. Aye!