Old, New, Borrowed & Green - The Electrics


Ah, it's refreshing to see an album title reflective of its ingredients! No allusions or metaphor here, the new release from these Scot CeltPunks lives up to its billing. These dyed in the Shetland wool choppers have a real knack for making new anthems sound as if they've already had decades of single malt soaked into their grooves. Original sing-alongs like At All, At All, At All sit comfortable and wobbly next to some truly old and green classics like Wild Rover. But one of my favorites on the disc comes from the 'borrowed' category. In the '80's a great American band called The Hooters wrote a classic piece of pop with an insidious lyric about beaming Evangelical television signals hither and yon called 'Satellite'. As The Electrics' bassist, Sam Horner explains, the UK didn't get these kind of signals until many years later and now they can't get away from them, so the song has even more relevance across the pond today.Oh ya, they're deep thinkers these Electrics but they sure know how to rawk. Like the album title itself, the first 10 seconds of this disc gives you a pretty good indication of what joys are in store