Endeavour - Gráda

Compass Records

- At Celt In A Twist, we've been reeling since the day Grada's The Landing Step came in across the transom so I was mystified when Endeavour followed so quickly on its heels. This Dublin 5-piece produced by Lunasa's Trevor Hutchinson oozes with youthful vitality and traditional elegance. The songs on The Landing Step (especially Tread Softly) demand repeated listens as the entire album demands a patient exploration.I wasn't quite prepared to abandon it's charms for yet another release. Too much, too soon! As it turns out, Endeavour precedes The Landing Step by a couple of years (in the liner's group shots, the members appear to be wee suckling babes). Musically, the disc lacks some of the glisten of The Landing Step but it's rich in adventure and discovery as the title reference to Captain Cook's vessel suggests. It always feels a little odd to go back in time after such a brief but impactful introduction but Endeavour stands on its own merits as an excellent starting point for a musical relationship I hope will last many albums more.