Solace - Xavier Rudd

Salt X. Records

When you split your time between Australia’s Victoria Province and Victoria, BC you’re bound to rack up the frequent flyer points. Xavier Rudd lives the globetrotting life, taking his solo act across the Pacific Ocean and around the planet. But, that doesn’t mean he packs light. This one-man-band takes the stage behind a battery of didgeridoos (yidake is the proper aboriginal name), six and twelve string guitars, a Weissenborn lap slide, djembe, and harmonicas which he uses to create the sweet acoustic textures of his socially-conscious songs.The organic soundscapes on Solace, his new release underline his down to earth love of nature and respect for humanity. The stage is a solitary space for Xavier Rudd, leaving him free to communicate heart and soul with his fans, opening a very personal dialogue with his audience each time he performs. In a jaded world, people respond to this kind of naked honesty which may explain why his concerts are turning into sellout shows. With his bushy blond surfer hair and emotive delivery, music critics struggling to capture the essence of his music have likened Xavier Rudd to “Kurt Cobain on Prozac, spreading an essential contemporary spirituality”.