TBA - Abdel Wright


Any conscious song writer from Jamaica must eventually face comparison to the great Robert Nesta Marley. But, while Abdel Wright may be just the latest to be cast in Marley’s shadow, his greatest musical inspiration was another late legend. Abdel grew up in the SOS Children’s Home, an orphanage in Barrett Town near Montego Bay. Johnny Cash lived just down the road and every Christmas he would invite the SOS kids to his estate for a concert. When Abdel openly remarked how much he wished he could play guitar and harmonica like The Man In Black, one of the other kids said, “Hey man, shut up! You’ll never do that!” Abdel remembers it as “the most degrading thing anyone could say to him because the only thing in the world he respected at that time was music.” One Christmas, the superintendent of the orphanage surprised Abdel by giving him an old guitar that was hanging in the office. Abdel raced to his room with the present and nobody saw him for three days after that! His love affair with the guitar continues today. A demo of some of Abdel’s songs made its way into the hands of Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics who in turn, passed it on to Bono. The two rock stars asked Abdel to perform with them at a charity concert in South Africa and … a boyhood dream of a career in music was one step closer to being realized for Abdel Wright. His debut Interscope album is still forthcoming but judging from Quicksand, the first single, the pre-release buzz is warranted.