Sona - Sona Mohapatra

Sony BMG

Home is where the heart is and despite earning an engineering degree, an MBA and a plum management position, Sona Mohapatra’s heart just wasn’t in it. The Indian beauty with the ‘ancient voice’ had been balancing the corporate world and her musical passions for years. Then the moment came when, she explains, “the idea of an album was shaping up and I wanted to work on this full time. That’s when I decided to quit. ” While her self-titled debut is firmly grounded in the tenets of Hindustani classical music, it sounds completely fresh and accessible to western ears, and that was all part of her original idea. Sona believes, “She can be a part of that set of people who can define a contemporary Indian sound outside of just film music.” Her stunning new video is a testament to her own convictions to “live life and be elevated by the spirit of the song”. A chance collaboration with INXS hasn’t hurt Sona’s new career as a pop star. While touring India, the band picked Sona to cut a new track with them because her voice was a good match for their new Canadian frontman, J.D. Fortune.

Key Tracks: Aaja Ve, Ishq Nachaya