Brazilian Girls - Brazilian Girls

Verve Forecast

- Everything you've heard is true. Brazilian Girls are hot and sexy. We are talking about the band, right? Actually, this quartet owes more to New York's experimental underground than to the beaches of Rio but the music can transport you to any number of exotic locales. The feminine mystique is dished up sultry and steaming by the only girl in Brazilian Girls, Sabina Scuibba. This siren coos and whispers sweet nothings in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English.The band carries on an equally cross-cultural conversation, weaving dreamy new jazz textures with electronic flourishes, bossa, Latin and cabaret rhythms. Sweetest of all, despite the ear candy, there's a slightly unhinged edginess to the presentation that once again alludes to their downtown NYC spawning ground. Each track struts with catwalk confidence, spotlighting its own distinct and delicious design. On this highly recommended debut, Brazilian Girls reveal what's haute couture in global music.