Impossible Broadcasting - Transglobal Underground


The grand-daddies who pioneered global fusion, Trans Global Underground have just launched their sixth album called ‘Impossible Broadcasting’. It takes the premise of a radio station from an unknown country beaming out music that’s equally accessible and impossible to pinpoint. But, impossible possibilities are exactly what you can expect from a band who has been plying these waters for so many years.Their cross-pollination concepts go way beyond putting say, a reggae drop beat to a Bulgarian folk melody. Transglobal have evolved to the point where they are capable of creating entirely new forms of cultural expression based on extrapolation ... like good science fiction writers. Impossible Broadcasting could be the soundtrack to a near-future experience where the melding and mash ups of global musics gives birth to something new, beautiful and universal. Take a ride on the album's fourth track Yellow and Black Taxi Cab or ponder the conversation on track six between The Sikhman And The Rasta and enjoy the sound of globalization with one foot firmly in future.