Live In Chicago - Gaelic Storm


Gaelic Storm found each other at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica. That was 1996. A year later, they were cast as the steerage band in the epic film, Titanic, and they’ve been playing over a hundred and twenty dates a year ever since, taking their careers from the big screen to the big stage. But, a good part of their live appeal goes right back to those days in the pub … it’s in their ability to spin a good yarn and get everyone to sing along. A new DVD called ‘Live In Chicago’ captures their ability to turn even the biggest room into a kitchen party. It’s serves up a good cross-section of their ‘raise your voice and raise your glass’ contemporary Celtic and global fusions. The audio and visuals are first rate and singer, Pat Murphy entertains with more malarkey between tracks, telling tall tales about impossible rogues and ramblers. Some high-stepping Irish dancers add even more energy to the performances on this DVD