A Mystical Journey - Edgar Muenala


One of the world’s most evocative musical instruments is the flauta de pan or wooden windpipes. Its haunting tones instantly transport the listener to the rarified air of the Andes Mountains. Edgar Muenala is a native of Otavalo, a market town, two hours north of Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. Today, Edgar makes his music in the shadow of the Coast Mountains, as a talented member of Vancouver’s world music community. His new DVD called The Mystical Journey bridges the Andes with contemporary North America and beyond to the Far East. The Asian influence Vancouver enjoys as a port city on the Pacific Rim proved inspirational to Muenala when he moved here from Ecuador. Already accomplished in the traditional instruments and styles of Andean music, he began to experiment with Chinese melodies and modern electronics. This unique fusion comes to life on The Mystical Journey which combines live music and dance performance with travelogue images. It’s a flowing passage from the mystery of the Incas to the meditations of the Far East. As the founder and director of ‘Nativo Sound and Studio’, one of Edgar Muenala’s ambitions to make his website a meeting place for musicians around the world. Pay him a visit at www.nativosite.com.