Trompe l’Oeil - Malajube

Dare To Care Records

While the issue of Quebec’s sovereignty may be open to endless debate, there’s no argument that musically, the province moves to the beat of its own, distinct drum. In Montreal, Francophone and Anglo artists of all musical stripes are building a vital scene that’s opening ears and breaking the language barrier. Malajube is a French-Canadian five-piece who are finding plenty of English-speaking fans all across Canada and the US for their smart and catchy brand of pop-rock. In light of all the awards and accolades they’ve been receiving, Malajube may just have released one of the best Canadian albums of the year, produced by Martin Pelland from another terrific Montreal pop/rock band, The Dears. The catch is … Trompe l’Oeil or ‘Trick Of The Eye’ is a French language album, which begs the question, “Can the international language of music help find a solution to the age-old debate between English and French Canada? Stay tuned and check out this new disc from Malajube