The Streets * Las Calles - Santa Lucia LFR


During the sixties, great East LA and Bay-area bands like Santana and War sketched the blueprint for LFR … Latin Funk Rock. Now, Santa Lucia LFR is reviving that sensation on the streets of Vancouver. The earmarks of percussive rhythm, driving horns and wicked guitar licks can also be heard on their debut release called ‘The Streets – Las Calles’. It takes courage to open a new market to the music you believe in. Santa Lucia LFR found their motivation in the words, “La verdad es de los valientes” or “The truth belongs to the brave ones.” The band is introducing Canadians to the Latin Funk Rock sounds that have already blown up States-side and all over Central and South America. And, by opening shows for established acts like Ozomatli, they’re helping spark mainstream interest in rock en Espanol north of the forty-ninth. Visit and have a listen to ‘Lupita’.