Talk To La Bomb - Brazilian Girls

Verve Forecast

Brazilian Girls are more closely linked to New York’s underground scene than to Rio de Janeiro. This globe-trotting quartet, none of which are Brazilian, have just released ‘Talk To La Bomb’, their second CD of exotic cabaret and electro-clash. The album was recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s legendary Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village with The Cars’, Ric Ocasek at the controls. ‘Talk To La Bomb’ is a multilingual and multi-dimensional disc filled with more artsy chic and trashy debauchery. But, the question remains, “Why call a band Brazilian Girls when there’s only one girl and none of the players are Brazilian?” Drummer, Aaron Johnston explains, “A Brazilian group called Forro In the Dark used to play Wednesday nights at Nu-Blue, the New York night club that booked us every Friday. They would attract all these hot, Brazilian girls and their shows were packed. So, we started calling ourselves ‘Brazilian Girls’. It’s like calling your band ‘Free Beer’. Brazilian Girls have a lot of fun being outrageous. Their enigmatic, Euro-fox singer, Sabina Sciubba overstates the importance of the new album by playfully claiming, “The future of this planet as we know it, the human and animal kingdom and the plants depend solely on this record.”