Equalize - Swami

Desirock/Cigale Ent.

Musically speaking, some of today’s most advanced global grooves come from the UK where the urban melting pot has had more time to stew than here in North America. DJ Swami is one of those visionaries whose vibe is triggering the next wave in the South Asian Invasion. Swami’s latest CD, ‘Equalize’ bands together musicians from France, South Africa’s Zulu nation and America’s urban underground, wrapping the desi dhol and tumbi sounds in a driving mix of funky soul, hip hop and samba-bhangra. The music business is a struggle for recognition. However, when your reputation precedes you, you can do no better than generate a little intrigue. DJ Swami is an accomplished producer who has lent his ears and his talents to releases by platinum selling artists like Apache Indian, Erasure and Canada’s Shania Twain. But, together with his band, the name, Swami becomes an acronym for So Who Am I? Equalize brings a world of influence and the weight of experience to bear on the South Asian vibe.

Key Tracks: Hey Hey, Can't Let Go