Extraordinary Rendition - Rupa & The April Fishes


In a world so hung up on labels, a band that defies categorization is bound to get noticed. That’s why critics are clamoring to define Rupa and The April Fishes. Their impossible mash-up of styles, from French chansons to Argentinean tangos, Gyspy swing to American folk and Latin cumbias to Indian ragas only makes sense when you get to know a bit about Rupa. She was born to Punjabi parents living in San Francisco. They fell in love with southern France and moved to Aix-En-Provence where Rupa began to write music in French, Spanish, Hindi and English. As she puts it, “she learned to use languages like paint strokes on a canvas”. Her ultimate goal is to break down borders both real and imagined, which she applies herself to, not only musically but in her other profession as a medical doctor! On Extraordinary Rendition there's always plenty more than meets the ear. The April Fishes’ name was inspired by a French April Fool’s Day custom where little paper fishes are stuck on the backs of unsuspecting people.  You have to admit, it’s a little kinder that a sign that says, “Kick Me”.

Key Tracks: Une Americaine À Paris, Plus Que Moi