Out Of Sight - Poncho Sanchez

Concord Picante

It’s said that the music you listen to as a teen stays with you for life. Well, it certainly left its mark on percussionist, Poncho Sanchez. One of 11 kids born to a Mexican-American family, he grew up in Southern California on a diet of Latin music and the R&B sounds that dominated the radio airwaves in the ‘60’s. Ever since, Poncho has been trying to add a little James Brown funk to the cha-cha and boogaloo rhythms. With over two decades as one of the busiest Latin jazz bandleaders and 21 albums behind him, Poncho still nurtures that age old love for ‘60’s R&B. So what else would he call his latest album but “Out Of Sight”? Billy Preston appears on One Mint Julep and he's all over the track. You might recognize the voice too, none other than Ray Charles himself. If you grew up with a little James Brown in your pants and have developed and love for Latin, you're gonna love this album from one of the all time great congueros.