Fiesta Songs - Senor Coconut

Emperor Norton

I don't want to hear any sanctamonious snorts about this.Truth is, Fiesta Songs by Senor Conconut and his Orchestra is a 'must have' album for anybody's collection.Your friends need to hear the world's heaviest riff done as a cha-cha-cha, repleat with Latin horns and farting baritone sax.German,Chilean transplant, Uwe Schmidt aka Atom Heart aka Senor Coconut is the guy who brought us tropicalismo renderings of Kraftwerk classics like Autobahn and Trans Europe Express. Still, strange though true, a couple of your friends who've lead sheltered lives may never have heard of Kraftwerk thereby defeating the sublime punchline. But EVERYBODY has heard Smoke On The Water haven't they? Or how about Riders On The Storm as a merengue? There are a couple of the covers which work less well. Uwe and crewe crank off Sade's Smooth Operator as a mambo (which isn't all that different from the original). Seriously, add Fiesta Songs to your collection. It's one of those discs you'll reach for time and time again with a wicked little smile on your face.