Bajofondo Tango Club - Bajofondo Tango Club


Watching people dance the tango is like watching the epitome of class, but its beginnings were not so classy at all. In the 1880’s, some of the immigrants to Buenos Aires in Argentina ended up in the port city’s ‘houses of ill repute’ where they looked for companionship and drowned their sorrows. It was here that tango was born. It’s been called the ‘dance of sorrow’ and its principle voice is the bandoneon a kind of accordion that was imported to Argentina from Germany.Danger has always been associated with the tango. In it’s early form the dance was a pretend duel fought by two men over the love of a woman. Later the close touch of the tango made it a dangerous dance for any woman who wanted to preserve her reputation.Today, everybody tangos thanks to the pioneering work innovative thinkers like Gustavo Santaolalla, a Grammy winning producer who is at the forefront of Latin Alternative music.The Bajofondo Tango Club is a collective of house, trance, trip hop and dub artists who have combined talents to offer a contemporary take on tango. The experiment uses equal parts respect and irreverence for tango, surrounding its rhythm with chill and trance grooves. The result is almost as dramatic as the dance was in the first place. For Perfume, Gustavo enlisted Adriana Valera, probably the greatest tango voice in the world.