Hiphopkhasene - Solomon & Socalled

World Village

You may now kiss what you hold sacred goodbye. Hiphopkhasene is a Jewish wedding ceremony that busts a beat, or as the press has already pegged it, "the phattest wedding yet". Sophie Solomon is young klezmer violinist who has a keen sense of experimentation with traditional techniques and modern technology. Her fiancée, Canadian hip-hop producer, DJ Socalled provides more grist for the mill. The glue that binds the disparate elements of this marriage is, of course, the best man. He's clarinet virtuoso, David Krakauer, who introduced the couple and gives relevance and focus to the proceedings. Talk about your 'concept' album. Hiphopkhasene takes you through the ceremony, the ritual, the weeping of the bride and the seven blessings. My favorite moment is The First Time: "Pleasure of S" remixed by Smadj from DuOud. The whole album plays out more like a dub recording with elements appearing and fading away rather than hip-hop in its more familiar urban form. This wedding will bring a smile to your face if not a tear to your eye.