Different Game - Makana

Makana Music

If you want to see how the guitar fits into the bigger picture of global music, you have to spend some time in Hawaii … not a bad place to do some research! Hundreds of years before Hendrix first drop-tuned his guitar, Hawaiian players developed a method of finger-style playing called ‘slack key’. As the name suggests it involved slacking off one or more strings on the guitar so the player could tune to a single chord. It’s been around longer than the blues. Manaka is considered the youngest living master of the Hawaiian slack key guitar and he’s rocketing the native style forward into the 21st century. In his words, “Slack key is not so much a cultural thing as an ingenious approach to the guitar that allows me to create my own style of music.” His latest personal expression is called ‘Different Game’, the next step in Makana’s evolution of slack rock. “My music is about exploring”, he says.' Different Game’ expertly explores the possibilities of slack key combined with folk, bluegrass, the blues and especially rock. Makana’s growing list of fans includes Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam and Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

Key Tracks: Necksnap Blues, Away