Grit - Martyn Bennet

For me, one of the most anticipated albums of the past six months, 'Grit' by Martyn Bennett has not disappointed. 1997's 'Bothy Culture' took sampled tradition and beats to places Moby would fear to tread.'Grit' pushes away from the leading edge of musical expression with confidence and panache. There's nothing trance-like about the disc, no sounds seeping into your subconscious; 'Grit' is in your face and demands an attentive ear. For Martyn, the title has something to do with the tactile grittiness of true culture. In this case, linking cultures as seemingly disparate as those of the Roma people and those from the Hebrides. Martyn explains it much more poetically in the informative liner notes, which go on to say ,"the songs and narrative were sampled from vinyl records or from original quarter-inch tape recordings, the sources of which were mostly recorded from 1950 onwards". Nae Regrets samples the big voices of two diminutive singers, Annie Watkins from Dundee and Edith Piaf.