Choice Language - Capercaille


There must come a point in a band's career (after they have long established an identity) where creativity hangs in the balance. If, through much experimentation and exploration a group has arrived at a characteristic sound for which they are recognized and appreciated, what onus is there on them to continue to expand creatively? I think the Tannahill Weavers' Roy Gullane put it quite succinctly when he told Celt In A Twist's Patricia Fraser, "We're not going to do anything radical at this stage in our careers." Likewise, Capercaille can be reasonably sure of what their fans love about their music; Karen Matheson's voice (once described by Sean Connery as "being kissed by angels") floating over jazzy textures and Celtic flavors. It's an exquisite formula that, in the scheme of things, really requires little tinkering. In that spirit, 'Choice Language', the latest offering from Capercaille brings little new to the table beyond the tunes themselves and, as usual, it serves them very well. A Thousand Curses (on Love) is a traditional piece the band found themselves playing frequently at soundchecks