Overrated - Mudmen

Masquerades have long provided a ritual tie to the roots of Mexican culture, so it’s no wonder that when professional wrestling came to that country in the 1930’s, masked competitors were soon to follow, adding drama and mystery to the spectacle.Rob and Sandy Campbell are twin highland pipers and strongman competitors. The Ontario lads performed both musically and athletically at Highland games for years, even taking their talents to Scotland on five occasions. But all the Campbells really wanted to do was rock. They wrestled with the idea of combining Scottish bagpipes and heavy rock until they finally found the right band mates who willing to indulge their obsession. For the first video single 'Animal' to their second album, Overrated, they identify with one of the mysterious heroes of Mexican wrestling. It's a great track. So is 'Tear Me Down 'and several others from the disc. Mudmen's piperawk is particularly refreshing in a competitive arena dominated these days by Soundgarden rip-offs like Nickleback.