Good Drying - Roddy MacDonald


I first heard 'Good Drying' on Shooglenifty's 'A Whiskey Kiss', later by piper Gordon Duncan, later still on Slainte Mhath's album. It seems only fitting that a collection of Roddy MacDonald's career best compositions would claim one of his best loved works for the title. 'Good Drying' is good fun; a romp through the non-traditional possibilities of highland pipe music. The Inverness native has a piping pedigree dating back to his grandfather and a composing career that spans 30 years. A true citizen of the world, Roddy resides in Australia and Japan which no doubt has opened his mind to how far into the global realm the pipes can be taken. The album definitely takes the listener on a wild ride through Scottish hybrids to toying with techno to slips into salsa. 'Bullet Train' sets the album in motion at a goodly pace, no doubt inspired by the land of the rising sun. The track's composed of three tunes, 'The Reedmakers Reel','Smokin the Wasps' and 'Electric Chopsticks'.