Mujer De Cabaret - Puerto Plata

iASO Records

With the abundance of great global fusions it's easy to forget one of world music's most important roles; to document and preserve cultural traditions. The Buena Vista Club album and subsequent spin-offs brought that aspect back into sharp focus as did the late Andy Palacio with the Garifuna Collective. Puerto Plata, a great Dominican sonero performs a similar service with Mujer De Cabaret, a collection of live and lovingly preserved sones, boleros and merengues from the golden age of Dominican guitar music. The disc is divided into two sessions (or sides if you prefer – when was the last time you enjoyed a side A and a side B?). Each session showcases a star guitarist accompanying José Cobles aka Puerto Plata. Edilio Paredes shines on Session A with an aggressive, plucky style that you can feel as much as hear. Frank Mendez on Session B, is smoother, maybe more elegant. Interestingly, Puerto Plata's voice loses its grit and acquires a mellower tone to better accent Mendez's playing on Session B. The CD serves as an important documentation of Dominican folkloric rhythms from a singer who has lived through much of their development. It's critical that the contributions of the previous generation of world music legends be preserved before they fade away. Besides it's contributions and may most importantly, Mujer De Cabaret is a very enjoyable and inspiring listen.

Key Tracks – Dolorita, Los Pirates