The Living Road - Lhasa


It’s a universal fantasy, shared by children throughout the world and throughout the ages … to run off and join the circus. After 1999’s critically acclaimed debut, ‘La Llorona’ or The Crying One’ Lhasa de Sela fell off the music industry’s radar only to reappear under the big top in France. There she performed with her three sisters in a ‘new circus’ company called Poncheros.Four years later, Lhasa has returned to Canada with her passion for songwriting intact and some amazing musical stories to tell about life on the road. The new album is called ‘The Living Road’. Though death and despair seem to be constant companions in Lhasa's tales, she claims sad music makes her happy. Her amazing vocal technique seems even more controlled and inviting than it did on La Llorona, her celebrated debut disc; no small feat considering on the new album she sings in four different languages. It's been a long wait for her fans, but The Living Road has brought Lhasa back to town with even more impassioned melodies and soft, seductive arrangements.