It's About Time - Zukie Joseph

10 ft. Pole

The title track is a reality check for big politics and big religion. Reggae music has always had a heart of gold and somehow it dispenses its message of activism with a firm but loving hand. Vancouver artist, Zukie Joseph (Junior Allen) pays tribute to this time-honored tradition on his new album, It's About Time. On first listen, the disc seems surpisingly uneven but further plays reveals two distinct sides to Zukie; the conscious reggae side and the dancehall crazy side.The one is sure to strengthen the other as Zukie continues to develop into a balanced, insightful and diversely talented artist. The old school tracks recorded at Halfway Tree in Kingston are my faves including the title and 'Give Her What She Want'. 'Tricky' and 'Round and Round' produced in Coquitlam best capture Zukie's frosted, dancehall side.