Sazon - Che Pablucci

9th Prophesy

Rap artists get serious about things like 'lyrical flow' and as far as flows goes, Sazon will get your head boppin' and you wishin' you had learned a little Spanish. Melody can be hip-hop's greatest weakness but it's one of the big strengths of Sazon. From the TJ-flavored horns of 'No te Metas' and the title track, to the Argentine tango of 'Ritmo Sano' featuring Andres y VAGO (one of the disc's standouts which should score big with fans of Orishas), the album is rich in Latin textures. The Rascalz' Kemo is all over this CD as well. From Argentina to Canada at age 17, Pablucci says he's now "poised to take over the Latin American Hip-hop community". Confidence is a good thing when you've got big talent and bigger goals. If he ever gets back to Argentina and hooks up with Gustavo Santaolalla, Pablucci could blow up all over.