Po' Girl - Po' Girl

Jericho Beach

Again, this was definitely a 2003 release with a humble November kick off performance at Vancity's historic Marine Club (complete with beer and Po' Boy sandwiches of course). The duo of Allison Russell (Fear of Drinking) and Trish Klein (Be Good Tanyas) is now a trio with the inclusion of Diona Davies. Like the Be Good Tanyas, their fare is old tymey music with an inner-city swagger but the hat does definitely tip toward the Big Easy. Sensitively executed minimalism can loom large as it does in the case of Po' Girl. Simple, sparse arrangements of guitar, fiddle and clarinet, with maybe a banjo, doghouse bass or harmonica keep the colours in sepia tones letting the songs shine through in sweet,close harmony. 'Gone In Pawn', 'Bad Luck Day Baby' and 'Bleak St.' typify the Basin Street Blues on the album ... sad songs you want to hear again and again. Po' Girl, lucky us.