The Songs Of The New Cuban Underground - Liberacion

Petrol Records

Old Havana still moves to the pulse of Afro-Cuban rhythms, a reminder of the city’s glamorous past in the age before the Cultural Revolution. But, today a new musical revolution is brewing further south in Santiago de Cuba , which has become lightening rod for urban culture, Caribbean influence and youthful experimentation. It’s all culminated in the emergence of Cuban reggaeton, a new rebel voice that the government would dearly like to silence. But, an intrepid label manager may just have blown their cover with the DVD release of Liberacion – The Songs Of The New Cuban Underground. Petrol Records boss, Chris Murphy went to Cuba in search of the sons and daughters of that island’s legendary musicians. What he discovered instead were the songs of the new Cuban underground. And, while Murphy and Petrol Records should be credited with exposing Cuba ’s new music revolution, they appear to have left the work of exposing the artists themselves to someone else. Very little if any information is available on the emerging talent like 3.X on the DVD. The videos are cookie cutter to say the least but do give the viewer a peak into this movement.