Parables - Tarrus Riley

VP Records

Born under the sign of the bull, Tarrus Riley is blessed with the determination his star sign is famous for. His father was a reggae singer himself but it was his mother that gave him the push to enter the music business, and he’s never looked back.' Parables’ is his first ‘big league’ release and, as the title would suggest, Tarrus Riley has drawn inspiration from classic children’s stories, attaching a moral to every one of the CD’s songs. As he puts it, “Each of the songs on the album has more than one meaning.” The first single from Parables, She's Royal uses a queen as a metaphor for the dignity and respect with which all women should be treated. It’s a refreshing change of pace in a music genre that’s been notorious for negative female imaging. Key Tracks: Something Strong, Groovy Little Thing, She's Royal