Street Gospels - Bedouin Soundclash

Dine Alone

Through poetic turns of phrase, rousing sing-along choruses and an island vibes that’s closer to Kingston , Jamaica than Kingston , Ontario , Bedouin Soundclash have found a warm spot in the hearts of everyday people. ‘Street Gospels’, their latest triumph of understated excellence continues to touch people where they live with great songs of unguarded and unaffected honesty. It’s an album that gives people credit by giving them a taste of the real deal. On their previous release, 'Sounding A Mosaic, the Canadian trio was truly sounding the depths of their own potential, ultimately spilling over onto commercial radio and music television with the smash single, ‘When The Night Feels My Song’ and earning themselves a Juno for the ‘New Group Of The Year’ in 2006. ‘Street Gospels’ continues to ring true with the grass roots appeal of their honest and soulful Caribbean vibe. Key Tracks: Walls Fall Down, Hush, Gunships