Mist Of Charms - Joe Amouzou

Rossignol Records

While today’s pop may be polished to perfection and manufactured for mass appeal, charm is one element that seems to have been sacrificed in the process. Joe Amouzou 's new album, ‘Mist Of Charms’ was crafted with an artisan’s touch. The disc was a two year labor of love, which drew on his personal experience with many different styles of African music and his extensive repertoire of global and contemporary rhythms. As a composer, writer, arranger and singer, Togolese-born Amouzou takes a ‘hands-on’ app roach to his music. Mist Of Charms is a mix of Afro Jazz fusion which charms the listener with an array of songs and styles that offer both personal insight and universal appeal. It's a finely crafted recording that draws on his passion for the global rhythms and the added skill of some of our city’s finest players. Key Tracks: Koko Song, Guilty, Mist Of Charms